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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Keeping Your Wire Wrapped Jewelry Looking Its Best

Edward Adams

Handmade wire-wrapped jewelry can be a popular accessory due to the quality and versatility of it. Properly caring for these jewelry items can keep them in good condition and looking their best.

Thoroughly Clean The Wire-Wrapped Jewelry On A Regular Basis

Cleaning the jewelry is one of the most important types of care that you will have to provide to it. Over time, oils from your skin can trap dirt and other substances in the small crevices of the jewelry. If you are not being diligent with cleaning these jewelry items, their appearance could start to deteriorate. Depending on the frequency that you wear the jewelry, it should be cleaned every few weeks to keep it looking its best. By regularly cleaning the jewelry items that you wear the most frequently, you can reduce the difficulty of this work so that it may only take you a few minutes to complete.

Avoid Using Hard Bristled Brushes When Cleaning The Jewelry

When cleaning your wire-wrapped jewelry items, it is important to clean the spaces between the wires. To this end, some individuals may decide to use a brush with hard bristles. Unfortunately, this could lead to the wires actually shifting positions. This could change the look of the jewelry, and it may even contribute to the stones being held by the wires becoming loose. To avoid this damage, you should use a microfiber cloth or sponge, as this will be soft enough to avoid damaging the wire-wrapped jewelry while still effectively removing these materials. For the very small crevices where dirt can get trapped, a cotton swab can be an option that may allow you to remove the residue and dirt without harming the jewelry.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents

The type of cleaning solution that you use for your wire-wrapped jewelry will be another factor that you will have to give ample consideration to. The metal that is used in these jewelry items will be a prominent feature of it. Choosing cleaning solutions that are able to corrode, discolor, or otherwise damage the metal that is used in your jewelry item can severely impact its appearance. Whenever you are looking for a cleaning solution to use, it is important to make sure that you are choosing a solution that is formulated to be used on jewelry items and that will be compatible with the metal and other materials used in your jewelry items. Otherwise, you could cause permanent changes to the coloring of the jewelry item.