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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Selling Your Gold Jewelry: Exploring All Your Options

Edward Adams

With gold prices at their highest point in several years, there are a lot of people looking to turn the gold jewelry they have into cash. If you are one of these people, you will have three options to consider when selling your gold.

Option #1:  Sell To A Private Buyer or Collector 

This option is typically the most profitable of the three options available to you. This is because private buyers and collectors are often willing to pay top dollar for the pieces that interest them. Furthermore, since there is no one else involved in the sale, there is no need to leave room for a retail markup on the items you are selling. However, since private buyers are usually interested solely in purchasing high-quality, rare items, you may struggle to find a buyer if your gold jewelry has been damaged or is a mass-produced design.

Option #2: Sell To A Retailer

Some jewelry stores and most pawn shops routinely purchase used gold jewelry at a discounted rate to resell in their stores. If your jewelry is still in good condition, this may be an option you wish to explore. While this option is not usually as profitable as selling to a private buyer, it can be far more convenient for individuals who need money quickly since the process of finding an interested buyer can usually be completed in a matter of just a few hours or less. This option is also great for people who have jewelry that is not made from just gold but also includes the use of precious stones or other metals.

Option #3: Sell To a Gold Exchange

If you have a lot of gold jewelry to sell, or if the items you are looking to sell have some damage, such as broken clasps or missing links, selling this jewelry to a gold exchange can be a great option. Since a gold exchange shop purchases items based on the weight of the raw materials used to make the jewelry rather than the current condition or rarity of a particular piece, these exchange shops can be a great way to make some extra cash selling items that would otherwise sit untouched in your dresser drawer or jewelry box.

All three of these options have their own unique set of pros and cons. In most cases, determining which option is right for you will depend greatly on the condition and rarity of the jewelry you are looking to sell.