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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Simple Ways for Men to Keep Their Chains Under Their Shirts

Edward Adams

While some men favor wearing one or more chains outside of their clothing, a lot of other men enjoy wearing a chain but prefer to keep it hidden. If you belong to the second group, you might occasionally look down and realize that your chain has managed to escape out from under your shirt and is now sitting where it's visible. If this isn't a look that you favor, there are lots of simple ways that you can lower the probability of it happening in the future. Here are some things that you can try.

Choose a Longer Chain

The shorter that a chain is, the more likely that it will make its way out from under your shirt to where it's visible to others. A short chain might sit only an inch or so below your collar, which means that it won't take much movement for it to slip over the collar. A simple way to lessen this risk is to wear a longer chain. A chain that hangs farther down on your chest has a farther distance to travel to get outside of your shirt, meaning that it is unlikely that it will be visible. You can either buy a longer chain at your local jewelry store or have your jeweler lengthen your existing chain.

Add a Pendant

Another effective way to prevent your chain from coming out from under your shirt is to add a pendant to it. Any pendant will add weight to the lowest point of the chain, making it more difficult for it to escape from beneath your clothing. Your local jewelry store likely has a wide selection of pendants, so you shouldn't have trouble finding something that appeals to you. In most cases, a pendant will slip right onto your chain, making this a quick fix for your issue.

Try a Different Shirt

Often, you can make a simple clothing change to reduce the likelihood of your chain coming out from under your shirt. If you favor V-neck shirts, for example, more of your skin is showing. This can mean that your chain doesn't have as far to travel under your shirt before it's visible. An alternative to a V-neck shirt is a crew-neck shirt, which is closer to your throat and thus less likely to allow your chain to escape. A button-up shirt, meanwhile, makes it very unlikely that your chain will become visible.