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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Having Custom Jewelry Made? 3 Touches That Will Show Your Thoughtfulness

Edward Adams

Ordering custom jewelry is a great way to create a unique gift that the special person in your life will love. However, by taking things a step further and really considering their daily needs and their personal preferences, you can help that person to know how much you really care. Here are three ways to create thoughtful custom jewelry and why the person receiving the gift will love the gesture. 

1.    Colors and Themes Specific to the Person

Before you go to the drafting board with your jeweler, think carefully about the colors and themes that mean something to that special person in your life. Do they love animals, flowers, or their birthstone? Do they typically wear gold, silver, or another type of precious metal? 

Before you talk with a jeweler, think carefully about what kind of jewelry your loved one typically wears and what they like in terms of decoration. For instance, if they usually wear basics, creating an ornate bracelet might be a less appropriate choice than a simple necklace pendant or a nice ring. 

Jot down notes regarding your thoughts so you don't leave anything off the table when you sit down with your jeweler. 

2.    A Focus On Wearability

Another critical component of custom jewelry making is wearability since some pieces of jewelry are much more wearable than others. Think carefully about the person's daily life, what they do for work, and how dressed up they are when you usually see them. Think about whether or not they would be able to wear the jewelry piece to work or what elements may get in the way. 

Try to choose pieces that will mesh well with their personal lifestyle and daily routine and that are comfortable, wearable, and durable. 

3.    Personalized Engraving

For an added touch, consider requesting a personalized engraving to create a piece that truly speaks to your loved one. Think about including important dates, such as your anniversary, or a message you want them to remember forever. Scripture verses or other short, meaningful lines of text can help you to make your gift special and unique to their personal preferences. 

Remember, while it can be time-consuming to have custom jewelry made, taking the time to order pieces that are special to someone you love could help you to celebrate what they mean to you. Talk with jewelers in your area about some jewelry customization options. Don't be afraid to talk frankly about your budget and timeline. 

For more information on custom jewelry, contact a jeweler.