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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings

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If you were gifted a beautiful pair of amethyst sterling silver earrings and want to properly care for them so one day you can pass them down to your daughter, then these tips will help you keep them looking great.

Tip: Remove Surface Dust and Oils with Liquid Dish Soap and Warm Water

The best way to keep your new earrings clean and disinfected is to wash them with a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water. Soak the earrings in the soapy water for just a few minutes to remove dust and dissolve any body oils. Gently scrub each earring with a soft cloth to remove any dirt and then wash the soap off with cold water. Dry each earring thoroughly to prevent water spots on the amethyst or tarnish spots on the silver.

Tip: Store Your Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings Away from Direct Sunlight

Most amethyst gemstones sold today are heat-treated to enhance their natural purple color. While this makes the stones look amazing, it also makes them susceptible to fading if they are left in direct sunlight. To avoid this type of damage to your earrings, make sure you keep them inside of an enclosed jewelry box or safe when you aren't wearing them. This will protect them from UV light fading, and it will also help keep them from being damaged.

Tip: Never Wear Your Silver Gemstone Earrings While Exercising or Playing Sports

Though amethyst is a fairly hard gemstone, it can be chipped and damaged if it is dropped or comes into contact with anything harder than it is. For this reason, you should avoid wearing your new earrings when you exercise or play sports.

Additionally, while swimming pool water won't harm amethyst earrings, the sun isn't good for them and you run the risk of losing an earring in the pool. So, it's always best to store your jewelry in your jewelry box before you head out for some fun.

Tip: Take Your Amethyst Gemstone and Silver Jewelry to a Jeweler at the First Sign of Damage

Finally, if you notice any minor damage to your amethyst silver earrings, you should take them to a jeweler before wearing them again. This is especially the case if you notice a prong is damaged or if the gemstone is loose in it's setting. It's always better to have the earrings fixed than discover you have lost a stone and have no idea where.

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