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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

Buying A Gold Pendant As A Gift: Four Suggestions

Edward Adams

Gold pendants from companies like Upscale Alley can be beautiful gifts for almost anyone in your life. Sports fans and opera fans alike will be delighted with a gold pendant; you've just got to shop and buy carefully. What pendant qualities must be considered?

1-Gold Quality

You'll have to decide which gold is most acceptable for your wallet. While splurging might not be possible, there are plenty of gold choices. You may go with the most common selection, 18 carat (18K), but if you can't quite afford it, you can select 10 carat or 10 carat gold for somewhat less money. In fact, you can save even more by selecting vermeil, also known as gilded silver or gold-plated. Vermeil is actually silver covered with a layer of gold to give the overall appearance of a solid gold piece. 


A pendant will have some design elements to it, but for it to be loved and treasured, try to customize the piece. Engrave an initial or a significant date on the back side of the pendant, for example. You might even design the pendant yourself and have it made. Be certain there's plenty of time for customization to be completed so that it's waiting when you need it.


While you can present someone with a pendant on its own, you may also want to think about chains that they'll wear the pendant with. This is a bigger consideration when you're gifting a larger pendant; if you're unsure they have a chain that is heavy or substantial enough to bear the pendant comfortably, you may need to get them one. If you don't, they may not wear the pendant as often as you and they would like.

4-Personal Tastes

Above all, your pendant shopping should be guided by the tastes of the person you're buying for. The sports fan in your life may not be likely to wear a rose gold pendant, but a bright 18K yellow gold pendant may turn out to be one of their most prized possessions. Consider their other jewelry pieces; if they have a lot of silver, white gold is likely preferred. You can even ask around about what other preferences they have so you're sure to get something they'll appreciate.

Pendants can be bought regularly; in fact, you may want to start someone on a collection of these lovely pieces. Use these pendant recommendations every time so that you're getting something they will like and wear.