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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

3 Pieces You Need In A Bridal Set For A Traditional Wedding

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Going with tradition is a beautiful way to throw a wedding. Traditional weddings are black-tie affairs that follow the traditional lineup of a church ceremony then a reception. If you will be having a traditional white wedding with the church, flowers, and rice throwing, you will also need to make sure that your bridal wear is also traditional. Here are three pieces that you need in your bridal set jewelry to give you a great look during your white wedding ceremony. 

1. A nice hair comb

Hair combs are the traditional method for holding a veil in place. Purchase a bridal jewelry set that comes with a nice hair comb, or find a hair comb that compliments your wedding wear. Be sure to practice a hairstyle with the comb and veil to make sure that the veil will remain in place for the duration of your ceremony. If you have a ring and jewelry set the features white gold, consider a pearl hair comb with silver finishing touches. For a gold set and yellow gold jewelry, select a gold pin along with decorated flowers. 

2. A special pair of earrings

Even if you are not a fan of jewelry, one piece of jewelry that you will need to wear on your wedding day is a special pair of earrings. Fancy earrings are a purchase that can be easily reused. If you purchase a nice pair of earrings, such as round cut diamond earrings or teardrop pearl earrings, you will be able to wear these for the rest of your life and pass them along to your daughter. Remember to purchase a pair that will go with the hairstyle that you are wearing, and make sure that the hair comb matches the earrings. 

3. Matching bracelet and necklace

A simple necklace and bracelet can enhance the beauty of your bridal ring will. Offering a pick-me-up to your entire look. Traditional wedding dresses are long ballgowns with sleeves, so jewelry can help give a lighter, airy look. A floating diamond necklace with a tennis bracelet or a pearl necklace and pearl bracelet will conspire to make a beautiful traditional look. Do not be afraid to go with color in your jewelry to match the theme colors of your wedding. For instance, if a deep red is one of your wedding's theme shades, you can select a garnet necklace on a thin white gold chain and a floating garnet bracelet.