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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

3 Ideas For Selecting An Engagement Ring

Edward Adams

Although an engagement ring is symbolic of an impending wedding, the ideal engagement ring should be unique to the person receiving it. There are different ways you can choose the right ring for your special person.

1. Aim For Sparkle

When you want the "wow factor," choose an engagement ring with the most sparkle. There are several cuts that tend to be more brilliant than others. The most popular is the round brilliant because it has many facets in a round shape, allowing it to catch more light. Since it is more popular, it also tends to be more expensive than other cuts. If you need to offset the costs, consider opting for a smaller carat weight, or choosing another cut that is considered to be high brilliance, but not as brilliant as the round brilliant. Pear, oval, and Marquis are among other options. Another alternative is opting for a round brilliant shape, but in a different stone, and simply adding smaller diamonds to the setting. Many people like engagement rings that are not the traditional diamond solitaire but use other precious or semi-precious stones.

2. Be Unique

Assuming you know your partner well enough, you might know they would appreciate an engagement ring that is unique, especially if they have an eclectic personality. If so, try to avoid the ordinary diamond cuts and opt for something that will stand out more, like the trilliant or Asscher cut. The trilliant cut is more often seen as an accent in ring settings, so making it the focal will be different. An Asscher cut most closely resembles the emerald cut, but it is closer to a square rather than a rectangle. It also showcases a step cut, which gives it an interesting appearance. The more modern approach to the Asscher cut makes it more brilliant and less flat like the classic Asscher cut.

3. Add Sentiment

A sentimental flair can make even ordinary engagement rings more special. To add something unique about your partner or your relationship, you might consider choosing a different setting. For example, the setting might have both your birthstones or your children's birthstones. If the addition of different color birthstones seems a little odd, consider presenting it as a separate ring to be worn with the engagement ring. Of course, an inscription is another popular way to make an engagement ring more sentimental. The inscription could be something funny, such as an inside joke, or a tribute to a lost family member of your partner. Whatever you choose, adding an element of sentiment shows you thought long and hard before making a decision about the ring.

Whether your partner would prefer a stunning ring or one that is closer to their heart can affect your ring choice. Manipulating the cut, setting, and added features can help you choose the right ring. For more information, contact a company like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange.