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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

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Enjoying Beautiful Jewelry

How To Fix A Broken Clasp On A Necklace

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A broken clasp on a favorite necklace can be awfully frustrating -- but it doesn't mean that you have to consign the piece to the scrap pile. Broken clasps are a fairly quick and easy repair job. If your piece is costume jewelry, you can try this at home. 

What You Need To Do This

  • 2 pairs of jewelry pliers -- These are long, needle-nosed pliers without any teeth.
  • 1 replacement clasp -- You can purchase these at any craft store in the right color of metal.
  • 2 metal jump rings in the appropriate color - These are also available at craft stores.
  • A workstation -- A small tray makes it easier to keep the piece from slipping away.

How To Replace The Broken Clasp

Step One: Remove any part of the old clasp that's still on the necklace by opening the jump rings that attach it to your chain. To do this, take the two pairs of pliers and pinch each side of the ring and pull one side forward at the same time you twist the other side backward. That's the smoothest method and will keep you from damaging any of the other links. Use your fingers to slide the open jump rings and the broken clasp off the chain and discard them. 

Step Two: Take one of your replacement jump rings and slide it into the final link of one side of the chain and close it. Take the second jump ring and slip the new clasp onto it while it is still open. Using both pliers again, pinch each side of the open jump ring and smoothly rock your hands together until it closes tightly. You need to use both pliers to keep the ring in it's nice, round shape.

Pro Tip: Doublecheck both rings and make sure that you didn't leave a gap between the open ends. If you do, the pressure from the chain can cause the ring to open and the chain will slip right through!

That's it! You've restored your necklace and it's ready for wear again! Keep in mind that home repairs are best confined to your costume necklaces -- not your fine jewelry made of actual gold or silver. To properly repair those and reduce the risk you'll accidentally lose a good piece, take it to a professional jewelry repair service in your area. Depending on the metal and the complexity of the job, a clasp replacement only costs about $12 to $250, per piece.